My Coaching 

What are your qualifications?

I'm becoming a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) certified by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). To learn more about this certification, you can check out this link to the CTI website. The requirements for that certification involve a six-month intensive course.

What are your specialities?

You can check out the tabs above, but in short, I specialize in relationships, especially nontraditional ones such as LGBTQ+, polyamory, and kink. I've been a member of all of these communities for years and working in human services for just as long. 

A woman (Anneke) with red hair in a black coat outside during a snowstorm

What is your method?

I use a system that can be tailored to fit any situation, but has certain unchanging constants. For example, you will always have homework. It will probably be fun and challenging homework, requiring some introspection, but it is key to the process. 

I'm not going to sit back in my chair and dispense all-knowing advice. That would be far too easy for both of us. We're going to initially work on clearly identifying needs and wants to set your specific goals, so that we have a measurable way to tell once you have succeeded and the coaching is done. 

Next, we determine a schedule. Are you looking for an intensive few weeks where you focus on eliminating specific barriers and pain points? Maybe you want to talk twice-monthly to establish steps for growth and work on them at your own pace. 

The meat of my coaching is highly variable and depends strongly on the plan we lay out in the first two steps. The structure is different based on whether we're doing individual or group sessions and the content is different based on your unique life. One goal might be achieved after the first week, while another may take some months of work and slow progress. 

The close-out occurs when you are satisfied with your current life situation and trajectory. You don't need to have actually achieved all of your goals to graduate from coaching - you can stop at any time, but I consider the coaching successful if you have a clear plan of action and no insurmountable barriers to pursuing that plan. 

What are your values?

Values work is central to coaching, and I would be remiss if I didn't do that work myself. My top four values, in no particular order, are: justice, peace, empathy, and people. Check out my blog for a series of writings I did on each of those topics exploring them! Their definitions might surprise you.