What is a relationship?

If you know another human being, you have a relationship with them. Technically, just by reading this, you're developing a relationship with me. It's called a parasocial relationship. 

Relationships can go wrong or right in any number of ways, and unfortunately there's no real tried and true road map for how to make a relationship successful, or even what defines a successful relationship.

That's where I come in.

I define a successful relationship as one that fulfills a specific niche of needs and desires. No one relationship can or should fulfill you completely - as humans we require a vast network of connections to be happy and live comfortably, from our family to our friends to our partners to the cashier at the grocery store. 

Sometimes these relationships do not flow naturally. Environmental, interpersonal, or internal factors can cause our relationships to break down, or to prevent us from finding them in the first place. With coaching, we work together to identify these pain points as well as your core needs and create a plan to overcome them together. 

Two orange cats on a cat tree sniffing each other

How is relationship coaching different?

Some people will tell you that all coaching is relationship coaching. Career coaching is about your relationship with your coworkers, for example. 

I'd go one step further. All coaching is focused on your relationship to yourself. Your relationship with others is predicated on your ability to look inside yourself and communicate what you find. 

I use a variety of methods, both in-session and as homework, to determine how your relationship with yourself is impacting your relationship with others. Then we work to identify points of strength and points for improvement on both sides - your internal and external relationships.