Recent appearances

Recent appearances: 

On 4/24/24, I appeared on a panel with d20domme answering audience questions about the intersection of kink and mental health. Check out the recording below! We didn't get through half of the questions, so stay tuned for a part 2 coming some time this summer.

On 5/11/24, the Bound Top 2 Bottom podcast released an episode featuring me, in both a personal and professional capacity. You can find the audio below, and listen to the rest of the episodes here or wherever you get your podcasts.

This recording was done on the BoundBDSM discord server. My co-panelist is d20domme, whose services can be found here! Please note that this panel is rated for adults 18+.

Bound T2B Episode 8, entitled "Sexual Health Revolution," featured me talking about coaching, my own kink journey, and the intersection of the two. Stay tuned to the end where I get put in the rapid-fire "hot seat" to answer some spicy questions! Naturally, this podcast is for adults 18+.